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Council Agenda - February 9, 2021 (1)

Posted February 8, 2022



1.         (a)        Minutes of Council Meeting held on January 25, 2022

            (b)        Minutes of Regular Council  meeting held on January 26,  2021

            (c)        Minutes of EDO/Recreation Committee Meeting held on February 2, 2022

            (d)       Minutes of Communication Committee Meeting held on February 2, 2022

            (e)        Minutes of Public Works Committee Meeting held on February 8, 2022

            (f)        Minutes of Lands Committee Meeting held on February 8, 2022


2.         Business Arising from Minutes                                  


3          Visiting Groups                                                                      


4.         Deferred Business                                                                  

            (a)        Letter from Kevin Blackmore, Diamond House - meeting with Council

            (b)        Streetlight Committee Meeting

            (c)        Letters re: land sale

            (d)       Email from Pat Sweetapple re: water/ditching issues

            (e)        Letter and Building application from John & Angela Squire

            (f)        Location of digital sign

            (g)        Water quality concerns


 5.         Permits/ Crown Land Municipal Recommendation Form



6.         Reports

                        (a)        Town Manager

                        (b)        Mayor & Council


7.         Correspondence                     

                        (a)        Email from Andrea O’Brien re: National Heritage Day/Week 2022

                        (b)        Email from Marlene Bryan re: Introduction from Adventure Central NL

                        (c)        Email from Evan Burry re: NL Heritage & Culture Survey Invitation

                        (d)       Letter from Jenni Simpson re: Team Canada Bay Hockey Association donation


8.         Exemptions



9.        Cheque Register                                             


10.       Adjournment                                      


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